Welcome to "Fast R-T-A" Furniture Assembly Service "Fast, Ready-To-Assemble" SW Florida
Welcome to "Fast R-T-A" Furniture Assembly Service "Fast, Ready-To-Assemble" SW Florida




Frequently Asked Questions

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"Fast RTA" Furniture Assembly Service

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Appointment Scheduling Information


We recommend scheduling as far in advance as possible. Once you've purchased your new furniture or cabinets and you know the scheduled date of delivery for your items, please contact us to schedule an assembly appointment. This wll help in securing an appointment time as close as possible to the delivery date.

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Please note: Fast RTA Furniture Assembly Service is a locally owned independent assembly company and not affiliated with any local or on-line retail stores or ready-to-assemble furniture and cabinet manufacturers.

Cost of Service Related Questions


QUESTION: What is the cost to have my new furniture or cabinets assembled and are there any hidden fees?


ANSWER: No, there are no hidden fees. The price you're quoted is the total price you'll pay. Prices are based on the complexity of an item and the time required to properly complete the assembly in compliance with the manufacturers specifications of that particular item.


QUESTION: Is there a minimum fee required and is there an additional trip charge for the service call?


ANSWER: Yes. The minimum fee is determined by your zip code. There are no additional fees for travel unless the assembly fee is less than the required minimum fee. If  your project cost doesn't meet the minimum fee requirements, you'll be given the option of receiving a price quote that will include the normal assembly fee plus a travel charge corresponding to your location. 


QUESTION: If a second service call is necessary due to delivery issues such as damaged or misssing product, will there be an additional fee?


ANSWER: If the damage is hidden within the box and no signs of damage are visible on the outside of the box, then there is no additional fee for the second service call. Also, if parts are missing from the sealed box, there is no additional fee required.


NOTE: If damage is visible and obvious, you should not accept the damaged items at the time of delivery. Also, do an inventory of the delivery to check for any missing or out of stock items not delivered with the order. If damages or shortages are discovered at the time of or after delivery, please notify us immediately of the situation. If we are not notified, then there will be an additional fee for the second service call.


See our "Cost of Service" page for more details

Delivery and Area Preperation Questions


QUESTION: Do you offer store pick up and delivery at the time of the assembly appointment?


ANSWER: No, we do not offer delivery.


QUESTION: Can I make an appointment for assembly on the day I'm scheduled to get delivery from the store where I purchased my new furniture?


ANSWER: Unfortunately, no. There are too many possibilities of delivery issues such as delivery delays, damaged product and out of stock items to comfortably schedule service on your scheduled delivery date.


QUESTION: When my delivery arrives, what do I need to do?

ANSWER: Have the delivery people place the product in or near the room where the product will be permantly placed once assembled. Visually check the outside surface of each box for any obvious signs of damage.

Inventory the delivery to verify  the quantity of packages is correct. After the delivery, please contact us to verify you received your order and to confirm your appointment to have your new furniture assembled.


For questions regarding delivery issues such as damages and missing product, please read the section above pertaining to "cost of service" questions.


QUESTION: If the delivery people leave the product boxes in my garage, will your assembler move them to the room where the furniture will be assembled and placed?

ANSWER: Sometimes yes, but in many cases, no. It depends on the size of the boxes, the weight of the boxes, the moving distance to the installation area and if there are any stairs involved in moving the product to where it will be assembled and permanantly placed.

Also, we will not move the product piece by piece, one piece at a time to the correct placement area, especially if there are stairs involved.

Assembly Related Questions


QUESTION: What type of furniture do you assemble and can I purchase the furniture at my favorite retailer?


ANSWER: We assemble all brands and types of ready-to-assemble home and office furniture, cabinets and many other products that require assembly, including IKEA products. These products can be purchased locally or on-line at the retailer of your choice.


QUESTION: How much time will it take to assemble my new furniture?


ANSWER: Due to complexity and design, every item varies in assembly time. Time required can also vary depending on the amount of working space available to assemble your new furniture. (Please read the questions below pertaining to "Delivery and Area Preperation")


You will be given the approximate time required to properly complete your project from start to finish when you receive your free, no obligation price quote.

Bestar Wall Bed Assembly Questions


QUESTION: If the baseboard trim at the bottom of the wall needs to be removed where my new wall bed or wardrobe will be placed, will you cut and/or remove the base or other trim boards from the wall? Do you cut and reinstall the wall trim in other areas of the wall once the new unit is placed?


ANSWER:  No, we do not cut, remove, install or reinstall any wall trim boards or custom cabinet trim.

The base boards would need to be removed prior to the installation appointment date. To protect your floors, walls and trim boards, we recommend you hire a skilled trim carpenter to perform this task.

Solution: BESTAR has approved  our alternative method of installation that does not require baseboard removal or affect  the product 10 year warranty.


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Fast RTA Furniture Assembly Service is an independent assembly company and is not affiliated with any ready-to-assemble furniture &  cabinet manufacturers or any local or on-line furniture retailers.

All stock photos are property of their manufacturer. All other photos are property of "Fast RTA". Sauder and Bestar images are displayed for potential customer viewing as examples of premium quality ready-to-assemble furniture & cabinet products that are available for purchase at select local & on-line retailers. 

Fast RTA Furniture Assembly Service specializes in assembling and installing these premium quality products in SW Florida.

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Images shown are property of the product manufacturer. Fast RTA Furniture Assembly Service is not affiliated with any of the manufacturers or retail stores in any manner. Images are for potential customer viewing and as an example of quality ready-to-assemble products that are available for purchase at select retailers such as Office Depot, Staples, OfficeMax, Costco, Walmart, Target, Sears, IKEA, Wayfair.com, Amazon.com, Overstock.com, Hayneedle.com, Houzz.com, National Business Furniture, OfficeFurniture.com. and more. Fast RTA Furniture Assembly Service specializes in the assembly of this type of "RTA" or "ready-to-assemble" furniture and cabinet product."Fast Ready To Assemble" SW Florida